Getting Started

Is BuildFood right for me?

Are you a food business that’s considering adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage your accounting? Do you want to combine accounting, recipe management, product costing and inventory into one system? Is thousands of dollars and weeks of implementation for a large business software solution overkill for your small business? If so, BuildFood might be a great fit for you. Keep reading.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials brings a suite of features for running a business — CRM, operations, sales, financials and more — to companies for whom the alternatives are either too elementary or too complex. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, adding new features to the applications you already know and use. BuildFood extends that functionality for food companies.

Is it difficult to set up?

BuildFood is an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials. If you already use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials, you can install BuildFood apps quickly and easily. BuildFood Recipes can be downloaded from the Microsoft AppSource.

If you don’t already have Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s also easy to get and install. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials, visit the Microsoft website.

How much does it cost?

A license for Microsoft Dynamics for Financials begins at $40 per user per month. Visit Microsoft’s website for full pricing details. Once you have Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials, you can install BuildFood Recipes, which is free to use.

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